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Lessons from an EF-0 Tornado

On Thursday, a cold front was dropping south into Middle Tennessee triggering scattered showers and storms.  My daughter and I watched one of the storms intensify as it moved from south Nashville into Williamson County toward Franklin.    On radar, I commented to my daughter that the storm was rotating.  She asked, “Is it going to … Continue reading

Woodward, OK, Doesn’t Get Full Disaster Declaration…

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Interesting article from Oklahoma after the significant Woodward, OK, tornado a week ago.  The government is going to leave the clean-up to the community on this one.  It’s interesting in that Disaster Declarations have been made before on tornadoes of this magnitude and damage (or close to it).  Could it begin getting harder to get a declaration due to the number of large tornadoes in recent years?  Read and see what you think…

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Tornado Shelter Sales Rise After Outbreak

(April 2012) Turns out that many people decide they need tornado shelters after a storm hits rather than before.  Shelter sales skyrocketed after last year’s tornado outbreaks in April and May and are spiking again after last weekend’s tornadoes in the Plains.  Some insurance companies and states offer shelter rebates and tax credits.  If you’re … Continue reading

Dallas Tornadoes – A Case Study in Survival

Dallas Tornadoes – A Case Study in Survival

Seventeen confirmed tornadoes touched town near Dallas, TX, on April 3rd.  Aside from the scenes of destruction, the most memorable moment from this event was watching the shocking video of big rig trailers being tossed in the air like toys as one twister moved through  a trucking terminal.  Most people will never forget seeing those … Continue reading

Active Weather Pattern Returns

While record highs were being shattered across the country in March, April is again turning more active. The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) lists more than 100 tornado reports from the April 14th outbreak in the Plains and more weather systems are lined up in the Pacific ready to move ashore. This means more chances for … Continue reading