Active Weather Pattern Returns

A tornado touches down in Oklahoma on April 14th.

While record highs were being shattered across the country in March, April is again turning more active. The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) lists more than 100 tornado reports from the April 14th outbreak in the Plains and more weather systems are lined up in the Pacific ready to move ashore. This means more chances for severe weather this week from the Plains into the Ohio, Tennessee and Mississippi River valleys. Fortunately, the severe weather chances don’t look as extreme as this past weekend, but this doesn’t mean that tornadoes won’t be possible.  Everyone from the Plains east should continue to monitor changing weather conditions as the storm systems approach this week.   Make sure all members of your family know your severe weather safety plan of action.   During the next warning is NOT the time to be thinking, “What do we do?”  Just like a fire plan, you need a severe weather safety plan and you need to practice it.  If you need help designing your plan, I’ll have steps you can take in upcoming posts…


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