Weather Radio Saves Life in Woodward, OK.

Midland Weather Radio WR-120

Midland Weather Radio WR-120


To stay safe in severe weather, three things have to happen:

1.  A good warning must be issued by the National Weather Service (They do a great job of this)

2.  You have to hear the warning (We can do better at this)

3.  You have to take the right actions (We can do better at this, too)

Do weather radios save lives?  You bet.  Weather radios can be programmed to alarm when your county goes under a severe weather warning, such as for a tornado.  Once you hear the warning, you should immediately put your safety plan into action by going to a predesignated safe area.  Weather radios can be purchased at many stores which sell electronics such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Radio Shack.  Radios can also be purchased online. Simply type “purchase weather radio” in a web search engine and plenty of sites will come up.    Newer sources to hear weather warnings include apps for Droid and Apple smart phones and phone notifications by voice call or text.  Here are a couple of links: – notification by phone call or text – weather warning app for iphone – weather warning app for iphone and soon droid

An advantage to a smartphone app is that they can be GPS enabled to follow you wherever you are and warn you of impending severe weather.  Check your local television station and your local city and county government to see if free weather warnings are offered through texts to your mobile phone or by a phone call from an automated system.  These are becoming more popular as well.

Here’s a story of how a weather radio gave someone enough time to seek shelter and survive a hit by an EF-3 tornado a little after midnight early Sunday morning, April 15th, in Woodward, OK:

I cannot emphasize the need to hear the warnings that are issued…  Make sure you have a reliable source of weather information…


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