Tornado Shelter Sales Rise After Outbreak

A typical in-ground concrete storm shelter.

(April 2012) Turns out that many people decide they need tornado shelters after a storm hits rather than before.  Shelter sales skyrocketed after last year’s tornado outbreaks in April and May and are spiking again after last weekend’s tornadoes in the Plains.  Some insurance companies and states offer shelter rebates and tax credits.  If you’re interested in a shelter, ask your insurance company or local officials if there’s any help with the cost (Typical shelters run between $2500 and $7500 installed depending on size).  There are many different types of shelters and safe rooms including in-ground (both in-house and outside), above- ground, concrete and steel.  I’ll have a detailed post coming up shelters soon…

See about different types of shelters HERE.

Tulsa, OK, is one community seeing a spike in tornado shelter sales now…

See story HERE


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