One Year Anniversary of Devastating April 27th Tornado Outbreak

Meteorologists knew it was going to be bad days ahead of time but by the morning of April 28th, the devastation of the massive tornadoes the day before was surreal.  Hundreds of miles of tornado paths scarred the landscape across the southeast with billions in damage left behind.  I watched live video feeds as tornado after tornado ripped across Mississippi and Alabama during the afternoon of the 27th followed by killer tornadoes in east Tennessee that evening and night.  When it was done, it was the deadliest day for tornadoes since 1950 – an astonishing thought considering today’s warning technology and general public awareness of tornadoes.  However, some of these tornadoes were simply too big to survive without being underground.  316 people lost their lives in the storms one year ago today.

Here’s a replay of parts of the day as tornadoes began ripping across Alabama from television station ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, AL…


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