Posted in May 2012

Anniversary of Joplin EF-5

At 5:41 p.m. on May 22, 2011, I was just about to start my weathercast on the CBS affiliate in Nashville.  The weather was calm here in Middle Tennessee, but I was monitoring conditions back to the west over Kansas and Missouri.  I remember walking out in front of the chroma key wall to begin … Continue reading

Are You in Tornado Alley Now?

Are You in Tornado Alley Now?

This graphic tells quite a story.  Based on tornado tracks over the last 61 years, there is no longer much of a delineation between the traditional Tornado Alley (the Great Plains into parts of the Midwest ) from Dixie Alley (much of the Southeast).  Tornado Alley seems to be just one large area from the … Continue reading

Killer Tornado Hits Near Tokyo

While the United States sees more tornadoes than anywhere else in the world, other areas do see them from time-to-time.  On Saturday, a powerful tornado struck outside of Tokyo blowing apart many buildings and killing one person.  Here you’ll see some amazing video of this tornado as it traveled through heavily populated areas.  So far … Continue reading