Anniversary of Joplin EF-5

At 5:41 p.m. on May 22, 2011, I was just about to start my weathercast on the CBS affiliate in Nashville.  The weather was calm here in Middle Tennessee, but I was monitoring conditions back to the west over Kansas and Missouri.  I remember walking out in front of the chroma key wall to begin my forecast  when a huge storm caught my eye on the radar over western Missouri.   I remarked, “And there’s a monster thunderstorm moving into Joplin, Missouri,” and continued on with the rest of the weather for my own area.  Little did I know the horror many Joplin residents were going through when I made that comment.  Less than an hour later, I started hearing reports of a large part of Joplin being wiped off the map.  I opened the scanner app on my phone and began listening to emergency communications out of Joplin and Jasper County, Missouri.  I distinctly remember the tone of the first responder’s voices…  It was a combination of urgency, shock and disbelief.  Later, I would learn that 161 people had been killed in the deadliest single tornado in six decades.  This EF-5 packing winds of 200 mph chewed through 8000 homes and businesses.  It’s was a meteorological event that is truly astonishing…

Today is the anniversary of the tornado.  Take a moment to remember the residents of Joplin today.  The rebuilding continues but this brave town has been changed forever…

Here are a few links related to Joplin and the tornado:





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