Future of Tornado-Proof Housing?

Now this is cool. While the overall chance of a tornado ever hitting your home is very small, thousands of homes beat the odds every year and are damaged or destroyed as extreme winds rip them apart. Strengthening building codes helps houses hold together better. For instance, tougher building codes in Florida since Hurricane Andrew in 1992 have helped newer homes stand up much better to hurricane-force winds than older construction. Features such reinforced garage doors and metal ties that strengthen the bond between the walls and the roof can go a long way in reducing the damaging effects of severe winds. But what about an ultimate tornado-proof design? Here’s one architect’s answer…

Could this be the future of tornado-proof housing?

According to Forbes.com, this concept from Ted Givens features a slip-stream design along with hydraulics that lower the house into the ground when a tornado’s winds begin to blow.  VERY cool…

See the full description on Forbes.com HERE.

What do you think?


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