Extreme Weather Article

copyright National Geographic

About a year ago, Peter Miller, a reporter from National Geographic called me and asked me a few questions about the 2010 Nashville flood.  He told me he was doing research for an upcoming feature article on extreme weather across the world and part of the story would focus on the worst and most expensive natural disaster to ever hit this city.   May 1st and 2nd of 2010 were the most intense two days of weather I’ve worked in my career.   I saw scenes of destruction I never thought I’d see in my hometown.  On the morning of May 2nd, I was describing the flooding while our news helicopter was flying over the west side of town.   I was shocked and saddened to see so many homes and businesses of many of my friends under feet of murky unrelenting flood water.  There were times it was hard to keep my composure.  I struggled to comprehend the scope of what was happening across all parts of the city.  Nothing so extensive and so damaging had ever happened in Nashville or Middle Tennessee before.  I’m very proud of how this town handled the crisis during and after.  Sure, it hasn’t been perfect but the recovery has been truly astonishing.  There are still some reminders of the flood in the form of vacant lots and a few abandoned buildings but most visitors to Nashville today would never know the devastation caused by the epic flood just little over two years ago…

All of that to say the National Geographic article is finally appearing in the month’s edition.

I just checked on the magazine’s website and the story is also featured there.  To read it, click HERE.


One thought on “Extreme Weather Article

  1. I caught your post today and the NG article. You and followers might be interested in my new mystery novel, The Claret Murders. The mystery involves the discovery of an extraodinary cache of old wines during Nashvill’s history-making 2010 flood.

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