Lightning vs. SUV

We are about to enter our secondary severe weather season across the Southeastern part of the country.  The most active time of year for tornadoes and severe weather is in the springtime but in the fall, there’s a secondary spike in the number of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms as the seasons change and the jet stream again becomes active.  Historically, the busiest month during the fall severe weather season is November.   Begin thinking now about how you and your family would respond in the event of a tornado or other threatening weather during the fall severe weather season (read how to never miss another weather warning HERE).

Continuing with the theme of storm safety, I often get asked if cars provide good protection from lightning.  Most people think that the tires make a car a safe place but actually, it’s the vehicle’s metal body that makes it a great place to go – especially if you’re not near a sturdy building.  When a bolt strikes a car, the electrical current travels through the metallic body and then into the ground.   This provides you with relatively good protection from the electricity passing through the car as long as you stay inside and aren’t in contact with the metal body or the ground.

So what does happen when a vehicle gets hit by lightning?  Watch the video below to see.  In most cases, really not much.  However, during bigger strikes, sometimes tires are blown out and electronics are ruined….


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