High Winds Send Car Airborne!

Typhoon Jelawat recently struck Japan with sustained winds of 87 mph but gusts up over 100.   Storm chasers caught an amazing scene when a car is picked up and goes sliding across a parking lot and then flips over several times before coming to a rest.  While this astounding video is amazing to watch, this should also help push home the point that a car is not a safe shelter from highs winds and tornadoes.  For instance, back in April, a small EF-0 tornado struck Williamson County, TN, with winds estimated to be no higher than 85 mph.  Even with relatively weak winds (by tornado standards), the tornado managed to flip over three cars in the parking lot of a city park.  This just goes to show how dangerous it can be to seek safety in a vehicle.

Here’s the incredible video from Japan…

Here’s another video of cars being lofted during a narrow EF-2 tornado in Alabama…


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