Roof Collapses During Interview After Tornado

On Monday, an EF-1 tornado with winds up to 90 mph tore through the north side of Birmingham, Alabama.  Fortunately, there were no injuries or deaths but the tornado did leave behind a one mile path of damage.   29 homes were hit – including Clint  Thornton’s.  Thornton was in the middle of a t.v. new interview with CBS 42 in Birmingham about surviving the tornado when suddenly, the roof of his house collapses with people inside.   In the video, it appears no one was injured as the roof falls but Thornton is clearly troubled by what transpires just beside him.

If your home is ever damaged by a tornado – especially the roof –  you simply cannot stay in the home.  Unfortunately, the instinct of most people is to stay but this video demonstrates the danger in doing so.  It’s often difficult to asses the structural integrity of a damaged house and too many put themselves in danger by returning before a professional inspection is done.  As an alternative, make arrangements to stay nearby with friends or in a hotel where you’re not in danger but can still keep an eye on your house and belongings.   Make a priority of keeping you and your family out of harms way even after the storm is gone….


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