Are You Ready for Tornado Season?

ImageWhile much of the country has been in the deep freeze the last few days, springlike weather will make a brief return for the last few days of January.  Along with the warmer air, a major storm system is set to bring a round of strong to severe storms to the Southeast by Tuesday/Wednesday.  If you live in this part of the country, stay weather aware this week and be prepared to take action if your location goes under a warning.

This system is a good reminder that the “official” start of tornado season is only about a month away and many states have their Severe Weather Awareness weeks coming up in February.  With this in mind, I want to help you make 2013 a year when you’ll be prepared more than ever for severe weather and tornadoes.  I’ll be posting a series of simple steps  you can take to make sure your family is prepared as much as possible for a direct hit by a tornado.  For instance, the majority of tornadoes don’t completely flatten homes – they leave at least part of the building standing.  That means they are survivable if you know what part of your home is most likely to remain standing.  I’ll also give you information on how to never miss another tornado warning for your area – this happens too many times and leads to needless deaths and injury each year.  Want to put together a severe weather safety kit for your safe area?  I’ll cover that too.

With an active weather pattern and population growth in tornado-prone areas putting more and more people at risk, it’s time to make sure we’re ALL prepared.  I’ll help you with that as we go through the next few weeks…  Stay tuned!


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