5 of My Favorite Weather Apps for Severe Weather

ImageI have about 25 weather apps on my phone but there are a few I use over and over, especially leading up to and during severe weather events.  There are many good ones out there but here are my FIVE favorites:

1.  RadarScope – Radar Data
Best radar app on market.  Costs money but if you’re into weather, it’s totally worth it.

2.  MyWarn – Weather warning notification
This has a one-time purchase fee but no recurring yearly fees afterward.  This is, by far, the simplest weather warning app to set up and use I’ve found.  Too many apps are cumbersome in configuring for what you want.

3.  WeatherBug – Current Weather Info and Forecasts
I’m a television forecaster by trade and almost all apps fall short on the forecast side for me but I really like WeatherBug for three features:
a. it’s data for current weather conditions is updated frequently rather than once an
b. the camera network shows you what’s going on across your area visually
c. the SPARK feature shows how close lightning is to your current location

4.  uWeather –  Computer Model Data (for weather geeks, like me)
The app from Unisys displays graphical forecast data from the RUC, GFS, NAM and European computer models .  Another app called Instant Weather Maps is also good for this.

5. NewsChannel5 – Live streaming weather coverage
During severe weather, we stream live weather coverage on your mobile device.  This is excellent to have when the power goes out or you have to seek shelter and cannot see or hear the TV.  More and more people will be watching live severe weather coverage from their smartphones or tablets as time goes on.

Honorable mentions for weather preparedness include:

TDOT Smartway (Tennessee) – lets you see conditions on the roads, including cameras, when the weather is bad.

ReadyTN (Tennessee) – from the TN Emergency Management Agency – notifies you of local threats in TN

5-0 Radio Pro – A police scanner app I use in tornado outbreaks to monitor what type of damage has occurred and what type of rescue and recovery is in progress

AlertMap – A simple app which shows all watches and warnings across the country

RedCross Tornado app – This app from the Red Cross has great preparation and recovery tips in a simple and easy-to-use free app

Have a favorite app for severe weather?  Drop me a comment…


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