What To Do When Outlooked for Severe Weather


Example of Daily Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center.  Yellow area means a few severe storms (Slight risk) while red area is an enhanced risk (Moderate Risk)

So far this April, Tennessee has escaped two threats for severe weather despite large storm systems passing over.  This week, a very energetic system held the potential to produce damaging storms but fortunately, the atmosphere ended up lacking sufficient instability needed for big thunderstorms with tornadoes.  However, the pattern remains active through the rest of April into May and will have to be watched carefully.  The likelihood is that there will be one or two more systems which will move into the Mid South with threats for severe weather and Tennessee will be “outlooked” by the Storm Prediction Center for a severe risk.    If you live in the areas which the Storm Prediction Center highlights on their daily forecast in red or yellow (see sample graphic), please make sure you do these things:

1.  Take all warnings seriously

2.  Take action when you are notified of warning for your area (don’t rely on a tornado siren in your home – have another source for warning notifications)

3.  Know the best place in your home or office to take shelter

4.  Have a safety kit in your safe area

5.  When seeking shelter, take your shoes and driver’s license and consider having a bicycle or sports helmet – at least for the kids.

I cover all these steps more in-depth in previous posts.

We are into the heart of tornado season across much of the country.  This is the time to be prepared…


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