The Great Tornado Drought of 2013

ImageUp until now (May 9th), we have seen a near record low number of tornadoes in the first few days of May.  This follows a very calm beginning of tornado season in March and April as well.  The amazing amount of cold air we’ve seen across much of the country this spring has been largely responsible for the low tornado numbers.  As the rest of May progresses, the source region for the cold air over Canada will see temperatures moderate and in the coming days, we’ll begin to see sustained warmth across the U.S.  Despite the moderating temperatures, long-range computer models are keeping fronts very active.  This will lead to stormier weather for the remainder of May.  As I write this, two tornado warnings and several severe thunderstorms are in effect in parts of Texas and Oklahoma and we’re likely to see more severe weather in the coming days.  While no tornado outbreaks look imminent, things can turn around quickly.  May of 2011 got off to a very slow start before ramping up and ending with one of the deadliest tornadoes in recent times in Joplin, Missouri.  So, keep your guard up but you can also enjoy the fact that much of the country will likely see tornado numbers remains below average for the next 7-10 days…

Read more on the low tornado numbers this year HERE from the Storm Prediction Center.

Keep up with the yearly tornado count from the Storm Prediction Center HERE.


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