Multi-day Tornado Threat Across Plains


EF-4 Tornado Damage in Granbury, TX. Image: NWS

While we continue to run well below normal the three-year average for tornadoes in May, nature is trying it’s best to catch up fast.  This has been a deadly week for tornadoes in the Plains.  At least 16 tornadoes touched down on Wednesday with the worst killing six people in Granbury, TX.  More tornadoes touched down on Thursday and Friday in Texas, Louisiana and Alabama.  An outbreak of even more tornadoes, some strong, will be possible across the Plains today, tomorrow AND Monday.  Everyone living from Dallas to Oklahoma City to Wichita to Kansas City needs to have their tornado plan in place, a way to hear warnings and to take all tornado warning seriously.  Oklahoma City – you seem to be a ground zero with a threat for tornadoes each day through Monday.  Here are some links with more information on the threats and ways to stay safe:

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My 5 Favorite Weather Apps
What to do If You’re in a Car During a Tornado
5 Big Mistakes Made During Tornado Warnings
How to Calm Your Child’s Fear of Storms

Along with the significant tornado threat in the Plains and parts of the Midwest through Monday, there will be a threat for severe thunderstorms at times across the Southeast and Midwest as well.  Now is the time to prepare and be ready…


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