Moore, OK – What Can You Do?


Areal view of damage to a subdivision in Moore, OK. (AP)

The images are hard to see and comprehend from Moore, OK.  The monstrous tornado that ripped through that community yesterday has left much of the country in shock.  The death toll is still rising as many of us continue to keep survivors in our thoughts and prayers.

In times like these, people who are watching the events unfold from afar often feel a need to take some sort of action.  What can you do?  Here are a few suggestions…

1.  Consider giving to the Red Cross and Salvation Army to help those in need.  Those two organizations have been specifically mentioned to help the victims in Moore.  Visit them at:

2.  Make sure you have your own tornado plan for your family.   Read more about formulating your plan HERE.

3.  Commit to taking all tornado warnings seriously and taking immediate action when a warning is issued.   Don’t wait, don’t take video, don’t go outside to see it – take immediate action.  Every second you delay going to your safe place increases your chance of injury or death.

4.  Always have a way to hear warnings.  The Moore tornado had several minutes warning that it was about to strike.  However, I saw television interviews with survivors who said they didn’t know the storm was on it’s way.  Weather radios and smartphone apps can be a great way to never miss another warning.  Read more HERE.

5.  Stay informed of the severe weather threat for your area.  You can see a daily of map the severe weather threat across the country from the Storm Prediction Center HERE and HERE.


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