Another Multi-Day Severe Weather Threat for Plains


Severe Weather Threat for Memorial Day from the Storm Prediction Center. Highest threat is in red.

If you live from Texas to North Dakota, this week will be a busy one at times with severe weather.  The dryline will be a catalyst for big storm across Oklahoma and Texas while the from Kansas into northern Plains will deal with short waves and fronts.  Unfortunately, this pattern will last much of the week leading to waves of thunderstorms with heavy rains, gusty winds, very large hail and a threat for tornadoes.  For the Southeast, the pattern is quickly shifting to a more summertime regime which means calm and hot overall with only a few air mass thunderstorms with locally heavy rains and gusty downburst winds during the afternoon.

If you live in the Plains:

1.  Check the threat for severe weather at least once in the morning to give you a heads-up on what you can expect through the day.  Check the daily risk for severe weather HERE.

2. Have a way to hear warnings no matter where you are.  Smartphone weather apps and portable weather radio work well for outdoor settings.

3.  Know where you’ll go if a tornado warning is issued.

4.  Don’t delay in taking action should a tornado warning be issued.

This is the unofficial start to summer and I know many of you living in areas with a risk for severe weather have outdoor plans.  Have fun but don’t take for granted that the weather can turn nasty quickly this time of the year.


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