Inside a Large Tornado


Sean Casey’s TIV2 Tornado Intercept Vehicle

Sean Casey is an IMAX movie maker and for the past several years has been making an annual pilgrimage to the Plains to film and intercept tornadoes for his IMAX movie, Tornado Alley.  Perhaps even more well known for his Tornado Intercept Vehicles (TIV1 and TIV2), his mission has been chronicled for years on Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers and on other outlets such as the National Geographic Channel.  While Storm Chasers was cancelled last year, Sean is obviously still chasing, looking for the all elusive shot of a large tornado striking the TIV and having it all caught on film.  While he’s intercepted several tornadoes through the years, last night, he put himself and his crew right in the path of a large wedge tornado in Kansas.  Below is the amazing footage from his encounter with nature’s most violent storm. *NEVER put your vehicle deliberately in the path of a tornado.  The TIV was specifically designed and built to withstand a direct impact by a tornado.

Click HERE for Sean’s Facebook page.


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