Tornado Safety 101 – Stay Away from Windows!

When many hear the words, “Tornado Warning,” a common first response is to run to the windows and look outside.  This can prove to be a tragic move.  Windows are easily broken out by tornado winds and debris.  If you are attempting to peer out the window to catch a glimpse of the action, you can be struck and killed by whatever is being hurled by the storm.  Just how much debris can be lofted by a tornado?    At one time, every piece of debris you see in this picture was at one time in the air…


The debris seen in this picture was at one time in the air.

Back in July, a tornado hit the Milan province of Italy causing millions in Euros in damage and injuring at least 12 people.  As the video plays on, you’ll see the winds get stronger and stronger and you’ll hear the debris striking the windows.  Needless to say, the person who shot the video was in extreme danger and was very lucky the commerical-grade windows remained intact.  If this had been a house with standard construction, the windows would have certainly blown out.  This is just a sample of what it’s like to have massive debris striking your home during a direct hit.  In the event this ever happens to you, don’t go to the windows.  Instead, seek shelter in a storm room, basement or small interior room (such as a closet or bathroom), away from outside walls and windows, on the lowest floor possible.  You want to put yourself away from the path of flying debris as much as possible…


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