Welcome to the Fall Severe Weather Season. Are You Ready?

Summer has come and gone and now we are well into fall.  We have also entered the secondary severe weather/tornado season for the year.   Cold fronts, low pressure systems and the jet stream are all again becoming more active which is helping to trigger severe weather threats.  The fall season got started with a bang with tornadoes being reported across parts of Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa on October 4th.  Wayne, Nebraska, was the hardest hit.  An EF-4, with peak estimated winds of 170 mph, injured 15 people as it roared through the southeast part of town (See video below of the storm).

As storm systems approach this fall and early winter, pay attention to weather forecasts highlighting the potential of severe weather.  On the day of the storms, make sure to stay close to a source of weather information such as a weather radio or weather warning app on your smartphone.  Also, do not ignore warnings.  Take them seriously and put your safety plan into action as soon as you are notified you are in a warned area.

Here are three posts to help  make sure you’re prepared:

1.  5 Big Mistakes Made During Tornado Warnings

2.  3 Often Overlooked Items in a Tornado Safety Kit

3.  5 of My Favorite Weather Apps for Severe Weather  


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