Storms to Become More Common in April

photoTornadoes have been mostly a no-show in the month of March thanks to a consistent flow of cold air across the central and eastern parts of the country.  Despite an active storm track through the southern Plains and Southeast, the lack of instability due to the cold, dry air has kept severe weather reports sparse.  However, the weather pattern is beginning to turn and warm, moist air is due to start flowing farther and farther north from the Gulf.  Along with the increasing southerly flow, storm systems are forecast to continue crossing the country every few days.  These two factors should lead to severe weather becoming more of a threat as we move out of March into April.  The Storm Prediction Center, which issues risk outlooks for severe weather across the country, is already highlighting areas form the Plains to the Ozarks for Thursday and the Southeast for Friday.  With storms becoming more common, we should all be prepared for the storm season to ramp up during the month of April.  Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

1.  Do you have a way to receive warnings such as a weather radio or weather app on your smartphone?
2.  Are you committed to taking warnings seriously?
3.  Do your kids know your family’s tornado safety plan?
4.  If you own a business, do your employees know the safety plan? (If an employee is injured or killed at your business during a tornado, OSHA will want to know if you had a plan and if your employees were familiar with it)

A direct hit from a tornado is a very traumatic event.  Don’t make it more so by being caught off-guard and unprepared.  Taking warnings seriously and taking proper actions saves lives every year…


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