Significant Severe Weather Risk 4-28-2014

Severe Weather Outlook for Monday, 4-28-2014 Source: SPC

Severe Weather Outlook for Monday, 4-28-2014 Source: SPC

There remains a significant risk of severe weather today following a day in which at least 16 people were killed by tornadoes in Arkansas and two more in Oklahoma on Sunday. Models are indicating several ingredients could come together, including instability and shear, to give us a risk of severe thunderstorms capable of producing hail, high winds and tornadoes – some of which may be strong.  The threat for strong tornadoes is centered over Mississippi and Alabama today but but Tennessee also must watch for the development of tornadoes today.  Make sure you have a plan of action already in place in case of a tornado warning where you are.  Here are my standard reminders:

1.  Make sure everyone in your family knows your plan
2.  Have a way to hear warnings – no one should miss another warning
3.  Take warnings seriously and seek shelter when they are issued

Here are a couple of helpful links:

Identifying a Safe Area
MyWarn Weather App
iMap Weather Radio App
Storm Prediction Center
Warnings map from the National Weather Service

As I mentioned, this pattern could produce strong tornadoes which pose an extreme risk to life and property.  Also, there could be a few nighttime or early-morning tornadoes with this event as well –  it develops as the models suggest.  These are two huge reasons to be prepared and to take all tornado warnings seriously with this system.


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