Devastating Twin Nebraska Tornadoes

6-17-14 Rare but crushing twin tornadoes touched down near Pilger, Nebraska, with one cutting a devastating path right through town destroying much of it.  In the wake of these twin monsters, two people are dead and 15 are in critical condition according to multiple reports.  While it’s not that uncommon for large tornadoes to be accompanied by smaller satellite tornadoes that rotate around the larger one, having two large “wedge” tornadoes within about a mile of each other is rare.  The combination of very strong shear and extreme instability were perfect for large, violent tornadoes in Nebraska on Monday.  The conditions were so ripe, the Storm Prediction Center – which issues Watches across the country – issued a Tornado Watch and then went a step further and categorized the Watch as PDS which stands for Particularly Dangerous Situation.  A handful of these PDS watches are issued each year but are reserved for days in which these extreme events can occur.  See the amazing video of these twin tornadoes and then the power of one going through Pilger below.  As you watch the video, please realize the need to take all tornado warnings seriously.  Also, for more on the damage and how to help, click HERE.


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