Tornado Season 2015

TornadoDamage2008 copyWe’re about to start another tornado season this weekend on March 1st.  It was another very quiet February due to the tremendous amount of cold air, but indications are much warmer air returns to much of the country by the second week of March.  The warmer temps, along with a gradual increase in moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and an active jet stream, could set the stage for the weather to become much more active fairly quickly the deeper we move into March.  There are three basic steps to your family’s severe weather safety plan – and EVERYONE should have one:

1.  Knowing how you will hear a tornado warning

2.  Knowing where you will take shelter in your home

3.  Take action AS SOON AS the warning is issued

Obviously, these three steps are simple and are a very basic level of preparedness.  For a more in-depth post on making your plan, click HERE:

Make sure you know how you will get the warning.  Too many people still say, “I had no warning,” after tornadoes strike.  In the vast majority of cases, that’s simply not true.  Chances are, a warning was issued by the National Weather Service, but the person just missed it.  Whether it’s a weather radio or a weather app on your smartphone, it’s easier than ever to get weather warnings.  They are affordable for most people and are very effective at automatically notifying you in the event of a tornado warning.  Two of my favorite apps are Weather Radio by WDT (formerly called iMap Weather Radio) and MyWarn.  These can be set to alert you whenever you are located in a tornado warned area using your phone’s GPS system.  Also, the Midland WR120 EZ weather radio can readily be found at stores like Walgreens, Wal Mart, and Kroger for around 35 dollars and can be programmed to notify you with a loud alert in the event of a tornado warning for your county.

Making sure you have a plan and have the ability to receive warnings will go a long way to ensuring this tornado season will be a safe one for you and your family.  Don’t be caught off-guard and definitely know where you’ll go BEFORE the storms strike!


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