About Charlie Neese


Severe Weather Safety Expert and television meteorologist Charlie Neese knows severe weather.  His passion for weather developed after seeing a flash flood at the age of nine.  That passion has led to his successsful career in television weather for 25 years and earned him an Emmy award for his severe weather coverage and another Emmy for his severe weather safety television series.

Charlie started his broadcast career in Jackson, TN. There, he not only worked on the weather, but also produced the 10:00 p.m. weeknight newscast.  Next, he moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, followed by a stint at KFVS-TV in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. In 1999, Charlie returned home to Nashville to work for one of the highest-rated CBS affiliates in the country.

After working for 16 years at NewsChannel5, Charlie decided to step away from the television industry to have more control of his schedule and to be able to spend more time with his family.  His full-time job is now in the real estate, helping people buy and sell homes as an affiliate broker with Zeitlin and Company Realtors in Nashville.

Along with his real estate business, Charlie continues to work on his TornadoSafe presentations to help everyone understand the dangers of severe weather and how to best prepare for them.   Charlie’s TornadoSafe is a unique, entertaining and information-packed live multimedia presentation that teaches anyone how to formulate the very best severe weather safety plan to keep their families safe in nature’s most violent storm.  Look for announcements on upcoming programs…

Charlie currently lives in Williamson County, Tennessee, with wife, Eve, son, Gentry, and daughter, Oharah.

Contact Charlie today at:  Charlie@CharlieNeese.com


29 thoughts on “About Charlie Neese

  1. Charlie you probably do not remember me,You may remember my daughter Lynne Bains she was good friends with your sister Dolly in high school at Fairview High. If you would be so kind to email me an explanation. I have noticed the sun sets in different locations during the year ranging from slightly SW to NW please tell me how much this varies. It may vary with sun rise but as I worked mid-night shift for 20 years I do not get up early very often. Although I have been retired 23 yrs.Thanks very much.

    Meredith Bains
    Fairview, Tn. 37062

  2. Charlie I cannot believe that you were going into another field although I understand however you will be greatly missed you are our little boy for many years who look like the kid on TV but you are such an expert in the weather and I looked at you tonight as you were handling this tornado warnings and I thought man that’s in your blood and how more of your ever going to sit and watch the weather forecast without getting ants in your pants I don’t know I’ve got a 15 your pop in there and say let me do this you’re not doing it right you’re awesome we will miss you we love you and we wish you the best in your new endeavor I hope to see you again someday soon and get your kids growing up and get back big red headed news reporter or weather reporter love you

  3. I appreciate the kind comments here. It was a very tough decision, but I decided to resign my position from NewsChannel 5 for family reasons. My schedule was set to change this spring and my time with family was going to become even more limited.
    I’ve been practicing real estate on the side for a while and have decided to do it full time so I could have more control over my schedule. I had a wonderful time working with everyone at NewsChannel 5 and met so many nice people through the years. It was a true blessing that I will always appreciate. I will continue to do some severe weather safety work from time-to-time, but my focus is on continuing to build my real estate business. Thanks again for your kind words, and I appreciate your watching through the years.

  4. I’m sorry to see you leave Channel 5, but I know family comes first.I got to meet you at Kroger in Gallatin. I bought my Noah weather radio and you programmed it.Thank you for all the good weather reports and you will truly be missed. Have a great life and enjoy your family.

  5. Apparently I had missed when you announce you were leaving News Channel. 5..I kept asking fds and family where is Charlie.Wishing you the best of luck to you and family.

  6. Thank you again for your kind words. I’m enjoying more time with my family and my real estate business. I appreciate everyone for taking the time to leave their thoughts and I read each one. I’m thankful for my time at NewsChannel 5 and I’m thankful for all who used to watch while I was one. It was an honor for sure…

  7. Charlie, My sincerest congratulations on Your new career!! But most of all I am so glad that You were able to get away from Ron Howe. If He was as smart as He thinks he is, and had a suitable personality for T.V., then and only then, he could consider himself intelligent! Why channel 5 keeps him I will never understand!!! I refuse to watch the channel 5 weather after 4:00 each P.M. You are really missed!!!

  8. I miss your youthful appearance, smiling face, and passion for weather forecasting . Be blessed in your new career ventures….family first!

  9. Sure are missing you on the Channel 5 weather!!!!!!!! Wish you lots of blessed days with your family!!!!!!!! Life is short & they grow up FAST !!!!!!! hope you have a great experience in Reality venue!!!!!!!!!

  10. Charlie, I didn’t know until today that you had left Channel 5. But wish you the very best in your new venture. Perhaps you will remember that your wife (and children?) got stranded in front of our house on Old Charlotte a few years back during a snow storm. We let them stay with us, out of the cold, until you came to rescue them. And a day or two later you kindly left some ‘goodies’ for us on our front porch as an appreciation gift. We’ve never forgotten that! I’m thinking that, perhaps, you were involved with the ministry at CrossPoint Church at one time. If so, are you still there? God bless.

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