Safety for Students

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Severe Weather Safety Expert and television meteorologist Charlie Neese knows severe weather. Charlie developed a passion for weather at the young age of nine and followed that passion into a successful meteorology career which has spanned more than 22 years, during which he has earned two Emmy awards. Along with his television work, Charlie is on a mission to help everyone understand the dangers of severe weather and how best to prepare for them. Charlie has a special interest in sharing that information with students in his TORNADOSAFE for Students live presentations.  Here are two frightening statistics:

1. Despite better warnings than ever before, tornado deaths are on the rise in the United Sates.
2. Surveys show more and more students – 30% of Middle School students and 66% of High School Students – are home alone after school during the peak hours of tornado touchdowns – generally between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.

With these two statistics in mind, it’s more important than ever that students know exactly what do to when a tornado warning is issued.  Here are just a few topics covered in Charlie’s TORNADOSAFE for Students presentation:

-How the first step you take during a tornado is the most important
-How to make sure you hear the warnings
-How most people are injured or killed in tornadoes
-How to identify the best place in your home that provides maximum safety
-How a bathtub can save your life in a tornado – really!

Charlie uses stories from his own childhood along with amazing videos and pictures to help capture student’s attention and make the point of how serious these storms are. Charlie’s convinced all students living in tornado-prone areas should know this information because chances are increasing that they will be alone at home when the next tornado strikes.

For more information about TORNADOSAFE for Students, e-mail charlie at


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